Finding the time to properly clean your area rug isn’t always easy and we’ve all experienced the tireless pursuit of tracking down the perfect area rug. Finding one the right size, style, and color can be a tricky task. Plus, with the amount of foot traffic our precious rugs endure each day, it’s no surprise how they can stain, become dingy, or wear out quickly—which is especially frustrating.

The good news is, having your area rugs professionally cleaned actually does make a significant difference. Here are just a few reasons why cleaning area rugs is a task that yields significant benefits for your South Florida home.

#1 – Area rug cleaning can save you time, money, and effort. 

You well know the difficulty that comes along with finding and purchasing an area rug. Having to replace them often due to a lack of care and maintenance is tough from a design standpoint, and is also an unnecessary expense that adds up fast. By instead preserving your area rugs through routine cleanings, you’ll remove dirt and other particles that wear down rug fibers—adding years to your investment. 

#2 – Area rug cleaning protects and extends the life of your floors.

Hardwood floors and carpet can wear down quickly—especially in areas with high foot traffic. However, by strategically placing rugs in these areas then keeping them cleaned regularly, you can add years to the life of your flooring. 

#3 – Chem-Dry Area Rug Cleaning eliminates allergens and bacteria. 

Upholstery, carpet, and rugs are like giant filters that trap bacteria and allergens, then redistribute them onto our bodies and into the air we breath. Thankfully, Chem-Dry has developed a method that removes 98% of allergens and 89% of airborne bacteria from these surfaces—making your home a healthier, safer place to be.

#4 – Chem-Dry makes the area rug cleaning process stress-free.

Your schedule is busy, and the last thing you should have to worry about is cleaning your rugs. That’s why Chem-Dry professionals focus on making the area rug cleaning process simple, effective, and valuable for every customer. We’ll help you maximize your time, save money in the long run, and take advantage of a service that’s safe for your family and the environment

#5 – Chem-Dry Area Rug Cleaning is an affordable service.

Chem-Dry works hard to provide the highest quality service for a price customers throughout South Florida can afford. We even offer free price quotes and a variety of coupons to help our services fit within any budget. 

Schedule your appointment for area rug cleaning with E & L Chem-Dry to enjoy a cleaner, healthier home!