Think about how much time you and your family spend hanging out on your couch and other furniture. The answer is probably a lot, right?


These areas are where we often relax after a long day, catch up on our favorite TV shows, take naps, and even eat meals.


Your couch and other furniture might be seen as a comfy, safe place. However, there are actually some pretty disturbing realities about how dirty these areas really are.


Couches and furniture aren’t cleaned often enough


It’s an interesting paradox that we typically spend more time on our couches compared to anywhere else in the home, yet, on average, this is the least-cleaned item in most households.


In a recent survey, the Hygiene Council discovered that 61% of people have either never professionally cleaned or sanitized this sofas, or they’ve only done so once or twice since owning their furniture. Yikes.


Think about it—most of us probably wouldn’t go years without changing our bedsheets or washing our clothes, yet most of us use these items far less than the couch. The fact that most furniture is basically never professionally sanitized is a pretty nasty thought, right?


What can be found on the average household couch


In a recent study from Express, they found that the average family couch contains more bacteria than a toilet seat. So basically, the place where we lounge and everyday is probably filled with more bacteria than the bathroom. That’s a pretty gross realization.


To put this into perspective, bacteria and allergens thrive and spread on the very spot we expose ourselves to each day. It’s no surprise that this can lead to some pretty significant health risks of not taken care of.


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