Have you been searching for a tile and grout cleaning in Hollywood, FL? If so, let us tell you why E & L Chem-Dry are the people for the job!

Tile and stone surfaces are not only beautiful design elements in spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and patios, but are also functional and durable for these high traffic areas. Plus, in the humid South Florida climate, tile can be a lifesaver. So what’s the catch? 

Well, as you probably know, tile, stone, and grout can be extremely difficult to keep clean. Because the areas where these are installed are also highly susceptible to dirt, spills, and germs, this can be a significant cause for concern. 

So is it possible to actually keep these surfaces clean? And if so, what’s the most effective method? Here’s how Chem-Dry can help by delivering the best stone, tile and grout cleaning in your Hollywood, FL home.

Chem-Dry Removes Deep Dirt That Scrubbing Can’t 

Over time, dirt can build up and make you grout look discolored and dingy. Even if you spend hours on your hands and knees trying to scrub these surfaces, you may not notice much of a difference. The fact is, you might not ever see the results you’re looking for unless you enlist the help of a professional tile and grout cleaning in Hollywood, FL.

Chem-Dry professionals can break down even the toughest stains using state of the art equipment and methods that sweeping, mopping, and scrubbing can’t complete with. Plus, we remove residue and seal your tile and grout surfaces in the process. 


Chem-Dry Seals And Protects Tile And Grout 

Porous grout surfaces soak up liquid stains. That’s why maintaining the sealant on your grout is so important. Part of the Chem-Dry tile and grout cleaning process is to re-seal your grout—thus protecting it from future germs, spills, and stains. 

Chem-Dry Saves You Wasted Effort 

It’s definitely frustrating when you spend so much time diligently scrubbing your tile and grout and don’t see the results you’re hoping for. 

But don’t worry—Chem-Dry can help prevent the disappointment. We’ll remove dirt, stains, and bacteria from even the dirtiest tile and grout, and save you precious time. 

tile grout cleaning Hollywood FL
tile grout cleaning Hollywood FL

Chem-Dry Tile And Grout Cleaning Is Cost Effective

Not only does Chem-Dry save you time, but money, too. We use equipment that would cost thousands of dollars to invest in yourself, and also leave you with helpful tips for keeping your tile and grout clean between visits. Plus, with these coupons for tile and grout cleaning in Hollywood, FL, this service can fit within just about any budget. 

Chem-Dry Removes Bacteria And Allergens From Your Home 

Your home is meant to be a safe place, but sometimes your family is unintentionally at risk due to bacteria and allergen build up—especially on tile and grout. This can contribute to a variety of illnesses and respiratory issues. 

Luckily, the Chem-Dry tile and grout cleaning process not only refreshes your surfaces, but removes 98.6% of bacteria

How Often To Have Chem-Dry Clean Your Tile, Stone, And Grout 

A good rule of thumb is to schedule professional tile and grout cleaning at least once a year—like in the spring and fall. We look forward to delivering the results you’re looking for and helping you achieve a healthier, happier home! 

For a limited time, get a FREE sealer with your tile and grout cleaning service in Hollywood, FL from E & L Chem-Dry in South Florida!